Governments are why we can’t fly

A government literally exists to tell you what to do. It exists to control the resources you need to freakin’ live. Oh, you want clean water? Pay taxes. Oh, you need food? Pay taxes. Oh, you want to live on this plot of land that we’ve randomly claimed ownership of? Pay taxes. Oh, you enjoy schooling? Pay taxes. Every facet of our lives is somehow censored – consciously (like the taxes I mention) or unconsciously (in the things we consume). There’s merit to the aggressiveness of humans, and the government exists to cap it. Aggressiveness can be channelled to ambition, and what greater force of nullifying ambition exists than the government? MLK wanted change, murked his ass. Fred Hampton wanted change, murked him too. Police brutality is state-sanctioned extrajudicial murder, yet people foolishly blame police alone. But, that’s a tangent.

Human nature is no different than the animals we proudly claim dominion over. We fight, we love, we kill, we help, we hate, we build, we live, we die. Governments control how we do many of those things; they tell us how to love, what to fight for, who we can kill, who we should help, what to hate, what should be built, how to live, and grant us permission to die. Human nature is inherently expansive, governments are inherently restrictive. Freud talks about how civilization has brought us so many things to enhance our natural senses, or to give us power over nature. Yet, we see that nature is the driving force for true change. We call that evolution. And what do governments fear, above all else? Evolution. Change. Take evolution and slap an r- on it, and the president would shit himself. After all, what do revolutions bring?

No government exists forever, and they know this. So governments put every measure in place to ensure longevity. Governments are our gods, not us. We fly only as high as they let us, and when we think we’ve made progress, the government lets us know that we are behind. There’s no such thing as good or bad, these concepts don’t exist in nature. The lion eats the gazelle, neither would call the lion evil. It is the way it is. Governments have created these ideas so that we could be controlled, just like nature.

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