Class Effectiveness (Before Rona Hit)

What should we start doing?

I like the structure of the class so it is very hard to come up with ideas of things we should start doing. I guess we could add different types of dystopian media to evaluate during class such as short videos, clips, pictures, and maybe very short stories. This will add some diversity to how we see different dystopias represented through media and in real life. We could maybe even create our own version of a dystopia through a short story, script, video, etc.

What should we stop doing?

The structure of this course has been pretty good so far so the complaints I have are minimal. But if there was one thing that has not added to my learning in the course and instead did the opposite, it would be some of the annotated readings. I’m not going to say all of them did this because that’s simply not the case. Some of the readings have helped give more context to what others evaluate as dystopian traits, but they become harder to evaluate when the passages are very lengthy and wordy. I am not the best at comprehending through extensive text so I get lost when the article is not straight to the point. What is also hard about these annotated readings is coming up with good annotations when most of the annotations are filled and when I don’t understand where the author is going with the passage. It has also been the case where even though I did the annotated reading we never discussed the article in class or our annotations so I was not sure if I interpreted the article correctly.

What should we continue doing?

What has been most beneficial to my learning has been the class and group discussions. With these I have been able to contribute the things that I got out of the concepts that we are evaluating in class. This is also where I can being brought back up to speed whenever I am confused or misinterpreted the readings that are assigned to us. I often get lost when it comes to having to read and listen to extensive texts and lectures so these discussions makes it easier for me to understand the content because I am encouraged to participate and be active with the topic and hand.

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