A True Utopia

An ideal society is one where there is no one leader or main group of people who run things. There would be places where people fit in with others who share common interests as them and common beliefs, but if those beliefs infringe on the rights of others or may cause them harm in any way, there would be some kind of way to either keep them in their sector and away from others, or some type of policing to keep them from committing any harmful acts. There would also be some form of strict rules that keep people, like those policing, from assuming power.

My society would be a socialist society. I do not think it is possible to assume true socialism, but I would like to try and get close to it, without creating inequity among citizens. Many amenities would be free, funded by government grants or people who donate money. These amenities include healthcare, childcare, schooling including higher education, housing for those who cannot afford it, and food for those who have food insecurities. There will be a tax system where those who make the most money, pay the most in government taxes to fund the free amenities. Along with these amenities, there would be plenty funding for the sciences and arts to keep our living safe for the environment and explore ways to better ourselves as a society.

I would like there to be opportunities for people to explore hobbies/ careers in what they are truly interested in without fear of backlash from others or fear of not being able to support themselves. If there is something someone is truly interested in trying, there would be private areas or a way to cloak themselves from others so they can try it in peace and without fear of humiliation.

Hopefully the availability of these things would bring the rates of crime down drastically, since a lot of crime stems from insecurities. Obviously, there are still people who commit crimes not out of insecurity, but to hurt others. Those people will hopefully be found and can be put into their own sector, away from those they would hurt. They would be given chances to rehabilitate themselves and slowly acclimate to outside society, but much like the parole system now, those individuals would be closely watched in order to prevent them from hurting more people.

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