Podcast Post-production

This podcast project has definitely been a small hurdle in my semester but I truly enjoyed the work. I haven’t had the best experiences working in groups during my undergraduate career. I always had the issues of taking over due to classmates that were slacking or just being bossy and wanting to only do things the way I preferred. That being said, this experience working in my group was really great. Things started off a little rocky with lapses in communication and one of our members leaving but I was so impressed by how things came together. Everyone did their parts and worked efficiently to make the podcast go smoothly and I think it definitely reflects in what we produced.

In terms of using technology to communicate with others, I believe this experience taught me a lot. I have never done anything close to doing a podcast but I have done things like make YouTube videos and tutorials. I think this taught me to put more thought and time into that sort of content that would be shared with large audiences. I, often, end up completely remaking videos and wasting time but if I were to structure my content a little better, I would save a lot of time.

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