Group Podcast

My experiences in groups for classwork have been pretty mixed between good and bad. I started out with really bad experiences, especially my freshman year. I just had a really hard time getting everyone on the same page and getting my group mates to get their work done. That, in itself, made me hate group work. Then, my sophomore year I had a project that was huge and we ended up having to change the whole project due to COVID and campus shutting down. It was that project that made me realize I was a bit of a control freak. Though I took group suggestions, I liked to steer my groups in the direction that I wanted. Since then, I’ve made great efforts to correct that and learn how to ease up a bit and let others have just as much control as I want in the project.

In terms of comfortability using technology to communicate with a large audience, I’m not too sure where I stand. I use platforms like Instagram and Twitter all the time and I guess those can be considered large audiences. But, in those setting I’m not putting out information that I really think anyone cares about and it’s completely up to me what I decide to spread. For the class podcast, I’d really have to be intentional about wording and making sure I’m making sense to everyone so I can really reach an audience. Other than those worries, I’m pretty confident that the podcast will go well.

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