Pre-Production Thoughts

While working in a group, I always fulfill my tasks and even assist others. Typically when people are assigned a group project, the group delegates tasks so that each team member has a critical role in the production of the project. I have always been apprehensive after the group has received their role assignments. I am constantly wondering if my teammates would put forth the same effort as I planned to do. However, I always encourage and make sure to communicate with my members to make sure the project is up to parr. In the past, I have always fulfilled my role and added that extra “spiff” to the project. Not all of my experiences with group projects have been positive. But at the end of the day, the work has to get done so I will always step up to make sure the project is organized, neat, and meets all requirements.

Technology is essential to communication within the group and the completion of the actual project. I have participated in a few research projects and they required me to be competent in various technologies. During my research last summer, I used Microsoft Word to record notes relative to neurological disorders. Microsoft Outlook orchestrated communication between our multidisciplinary team. Microsoft’s powerpoint software aided in the presentation of my research findings. Additionally, I was required to use Microsoft Excel to analyze the medical records for previous health conditions and complications that could potentially affect the results of the study. As a research assistant, I participate in the dissemination of information and new research findings. Research is disseminated through social media, schools newsletters, and even published in scientific journals. 

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