Did I Win the Group Lottery?

I always do my assignments and even assist others while working in a group. After the group receives their role assignments, I’ve always felt nervous. I’m always wondering if my teammates would put in the same amount of work as me. However, I constantly encourage and make it a point to interact with my team members to ensure that the project is on track. In the past, I’ve always done my job well and offered a little something more to the assignment. My experiences with collaborative projects have not always been favorable. But, at the end of the day, the task must be completed, therefore I will always take the initiative to ensure that the project is well-organized, tidy, and fulfills all deadlines. The group that I worked with for the podcast project was a breath of fresh air. Our communication was very effective and everyone did their part. We also did not procrastinate and completed each step in a timely manner. I was not at all apprehensive when working with them. 

Communication within the group and the accomplishment of the project are both dependent on technology. I’ve worked on a few research projects that needed me to be proficient in a variety of technologies. The podcast project made me expand my knowledge on various podcast production materials. I was able to utilize a new website and search the web for audio that could enhance our podcast. I was also more cautious when choosing what to include in the audio due to the lesson on intellectual property. During the filming of the podcast, I felt confident in my speaking abilities. Even though we were not presenting for an audience, I ensured that I spoke in an engaging tone because the audience had no visual.

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