College May be a Scam, But its Optional

In America’s lower educational system, all children are subjected to the same curriculum and even diet. In addition, if a child was not to attend school the parents would be arrested for truancy. These aspects make the system like a dystopia.In elementary school, my classmates and I were forced to take art, physical education, computer lab, etc. even if we were not interested in the subjects. At lunch, I looked down at my bagged milk and nasty slop in disgust. Middle school, however, offered more of a variety to my curriculum by allowing me to determine what electives I wanted. Sure, the options were limited, but I enjoyed being able to make my own decisions about my schooling. When I began attending college, I was overwhelmed by the amount of options.

I believe that America’s higher education system is not similar to the lower education system. America’s higher education system is not a dystopia because you are not forced to attend and you choose the path you want to take. Unlike the lower educational system, college is optional and people are allowed to determine if they would like to attend. One is not penalized if they choose to opt out of attending. Society wants us to believe that college is necessary to be successful. However, many successful business owners, innovators, and upper class citizens have been successful without attending college. In college, you also choose what you want to study and the courses you want to take. For example, if you are a biology major, you take courses that align with biology and choose the free electives that are most interesting and beneficial to you. People pay for college with their own money, so the courses and time you are at school is fully your decision.

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