A Society of Soulless Vessels

We’ve all seen or read about the end of the world as we know it in movies or literature. In each case, a distinct means of global dominance is depicted. For example, in certain circumstances, the television is steadily brainwashing the world’s inhabitants into becoming dull-witted slaves of evil corporations or the government has their citizens under constant surveillance. Simply said, a dystopia is a dreadful place where no one wants to live and where one’s rights and liberties have been taken away.

Restriction of freedom, knowledge, and independent thought is the most fundamental aspect of dystopia, which can be found in each dystopian novel. It’s a large topic that’s closely linked to propaganda, censorship, and other types of control. Citizens’ everyday habits are sometimes rigorously regulated in order to improve societal discipline. As a result, inhabitants in dystopian societies are “imprisoned” in the system and have no say over what they may or cannot do. In our society today, everyone values the importance of freedom, individualism, and their rights. If these were to be taken from us, the unique things that make us who we are will be hidden. This would cause us to be vessels of society, with no real identity.

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