What is a dystopia to me

A dystopia is an idea that is taken from the real world and twisted to show us what and how worse or overly great things could be if the idea is emphasized on. In the Dystopia now reading the author says that a utopia is the idea that political order could be run better. But in a way that could be considered a Dystopia, because depending on who thinks the political order could be run better, and in what they think that looks like. It could cause a dystopia to society, and it can make society feel worse. In the movie, the giver, the point is for everybody to be equal and have no difference in social status, everybody in the community has their needs met, but that can also be seen as bad because there’s no diversity. There’s no people from different backgrounds, bringing different things to the table in order to diversified their community in society depending on the way you look at it, it can be looked at as a good or bad thing, which makes it a Dystopias very hard to distinguish sometimes because there’s always a back or other side to the argument.In the Cambridge dictionary can you define a Dystopia as a very bad or unfair society in which there’s a lot of suffering, especially in an imaginary society in the future after something terrible has happened in many ways a Dystopias event could look different, depending on who’s looking at it, suffering can be involuntary and also voluntary sometimes people don’t know that they’re actually and that’s what can create a Dystopia, especially like back in the day when they were slaves, people knew that they were suffering, but what they didn’t realize is that trauma was passed down for generations and generations and now there’s Black people who are in slavery, but I still put in the survival mode mentality as if they were a slave and they don’t realize that it came from slave times, because not everybody knows their history and so Black people continuous Lee suffer, so people could look at that as a Dystopia that we’re living in right now.

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