Utopian thinker

 I am a utopian thinker I believe that there should always be something that changes in the political sense, especially in the real world because politically the world is just not in a good place right now, I feel like politicians are constantly attacking  women right now in the political world, also attacking minorities  and people of the LGBTQ community as well. It’s not fair. We are making things that are human issues, political issues and it’s not right. For example women should have complete right to decide whether they want to have a child or not no matter what their age is just the other day I seen on the Internet that a pro-life woman was trying to condemn a 10-year-old for  going to get an abortion. The woman said yes she is 10 but she still is a woman and her purpose is to create life. At 10 years old her purpose is not to create life. Her purpose is to live life like a 10-year-old she’s just a baby her self and you’re expecting her to have another baby. What kind of sense does that make? Why do politicians that are men get to decide what women go through why are other women not respecting other women about their choices. Another example recently there was another school shooting and it was done by a transgender and politicians have used the fact that this person was trans to execute their personal agenda, especially in  Florida. Taking away educational things such as learning about black history and other minorities history, and taking away learning about the LGBTQ because they don’t want their kids to feel it’s OK to be a part of the LGBTQ. People don’t want their kids to be corrupt with this idea that liking the same sex is okay at a young age

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