The five faces of oppression

    I think it’s obvious that all five faces of oppression exist in today’s society. I think powerlessness, violence, and exploitation are three big ones. Though they are all big and important. These are three that stand out the most to me. For example,  Jeff Bezos is an example of powerlessness, he benefits off the labor of his Amazon workers. ”The founding fathers” benefitted off all the blood, sweat, and tears of slaves, and helped them fight wars and build the very land we are on today. White people benefit off African-Americans not getting their rightfully only 40 acres and a mule. 

    Another example is violence. Police brutality is only getting worse in our country. Innocent people are dying every day for no real reason. Cops are abusing the law. Cops are getting away with abusing the law and it’s not right. I am African-American and my heart races when I see police. I could just be seeing them go into a store and I will wait in my car safe until I see them come out and leave so that I can go into the store and not feel uncomfortable. I hear a lot of people have countless stories of people being beaten to death just because they are LGBTQIA Plus some people live in fear of being themselves, and feeling comfortable in their own skin and that’s not fair. 

    The last example is exploitation. African-American women were the first minority group to ever work before white women. During slavery, women were forced to cook clean, and sometimes have sex against their will just to have more babies, so that slave owners could have more slaves. Women and men were also forced to work outside in the fields. Many black men and women died during this exploitation activity, and they were beaten if they didn’t work.

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