My Utopia

I think in my utopia, there would be no such thing as race white people and Black people would actually get along. There would be no hierarchy of race, no hierarchy of people, just people being themselves, minding their own business, worrying about their own selves and not what somebody else is doing because they look a certain way. In my ideal society, white people would apologize for the things that they have done in history and for what their ancestors have done in history. I think everybody would actually be equal in the world. No one would be able to finesse the system because of their skin color. In this ideal society there would still be a government, but everyone has an equal opportunity to be in the government and improve the society and share their views, ideals, and values with the world. The government officials would think less with logic more with emotions and the idea of right and wrong, so morals. There would be less unfair treatment. I think this should have been the ideal society that we lived in to begin with. I feel like there shouldn’t always be conflict as if we’re in a movie or a book. There shouldn’t be an end goal to the movie or the book. We should just live in society peacefully until it’s our time to no longer live in society. If I was in charge of this said society, I would put women at the forefront a little more so that men understand that women can do it too and you don’t have to feel superior just because you’re a man when in actuality were equal we may have different things to bring to the table, but we’re still equal, we still bleed the same blood, it’s still going to hurt if we get a book smashed on our fingers. In the society I would also want to fix societal issues that we deal with today, such as homelessness and abortions laws, and I would fix the justice system, make it more fair and less about what’s exactly in a book, and more of like look at the situation for what the situation is for example, if someone kill somebody, because that was their attacker or that person attack someone else in their family then yes they should get time but it shouldn’t be as much time as someone who just killed someone just to kill them. No I think it shouldn’t be the same time it should be handled differently because each situation is different, but I would teach lawyers to look at the facts, and not the made up truth, if you watch how to get away with murder, you know what I mean.

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