How much privacy am I willing to give

In my opinion, nowadays, our privacy is very limited, especially since how high-tech cell phones are and social media, and who watches social media, what governments and owners of companies, watch our social media. Our privacy has been compromised, especially for people that are celebrities they don’t get no privacy. People are always watching them, recording them, taking pictures and having opinions on their lives. Just like really up in their business, I feel like in some ways we need to kind of go back in time as far as how much technology really controls us. And I mean control us in the sense where sometimes there’s some people that the first thing they do when they wake up is look at their phone. Which is actually really bad for you, and I think that’s partly why Apple has the update where it tells you how much screen time you’re using, so that you’re aware of trying to cut back on using so much technology. I feel like it’s hard to fathom the fact that your privacy really is gone,  you can look up something on Google and then for like a week you’ll keep seeing a bunch of ads and stuff like that pop up on your phone. Or sometimes I will say something out loud to my friend and next thing you know I’ll start seeing ads over and over on my phone. It’s like OK, my FBI agent is listening. She’s watching my phone, whoever it is. I feel like I am not willing to give up a lot of my privacy, but unfortunately, we fall victim to giving it up unknowingly and I wish things were more private, but the way people are in the way societies evolving it makes sense to why some of our privacy has been given up even though it’s not right.

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