Can You Spot Your Flaws?

I think I am well-developed self-regulated learner. Being self-regulated requires one to be self-motivated and self-aware. I am very motivated to always learn more than just the surface of topics, instead I enjoy looking at things from a symbolic stand point that can be applied to a variety of things. I think the key to learning is having the ability to adapt to a large variety of information to ways that I can fully comprehend. Another key thing that encourages becoming a self-regulated learner is making goals, creating a plan and being able to make adjustments when necessary. I am very independent, fully realizing that everything is possible as long as I remember that I am capable. 

As far as technology goes, I get quickly irritated and frustrated with a lot of digital things if I don’t quickly grasp how they work. I lack patience when it comes to technology because  it seems like it should be quick to learn, easy to nativagate and easy to fix. Instead technology can malfunction, break easily with no real explanation and lose important information suddenly. It seems like it should be more reliable, but while it can solve a lot of problems, it can also create a lot more. 

Overall when it comes to articulating my thoughts and ideas I think I can do so quite effectively. Working in groups and with children forces you have to be able to explain exactly how you feel or what you would like to be done. I think it is important that when thoughts are said out loud, it is important that they are thoughts you don’t mind having to defend or further explain because they may be heard by a variety of individuals who may not see exactly where you are coming from. 

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