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Critical analysis has been very new in my college career. As the course level rises so do the requirements and with that, I am writing more critical analysis of nonfictional texts and primary sources. These types of documents are much easier to analyze because its fact based. With that being said I am hesitant to critically analyze fictional work. This is more so about opinions and has more gray area than non-fictional bodies of work. Critical analysis of contemporary work, however, is something I have never done before. Only in the sense of analyzing critical events or just doing research on them is as much as I have done.

            Oral presentations are very difficult for me. I have nerves in front of crowds and tend to get flustered. However, being readily prepared and feeling well versed on the topic and the knowledge I am presenting helps to calm my nerves. Writing the presentation out beforehand or making cue cards helps as well.

            Overcoming problems and analyzing issues is something that I am comfortable doing and don’t struggle with. Being able to have different perspectives and analyze things from multiple viewpoints is something I am also comfortable doing. Proper analysis requires the ability to remove yourself and have the most non biased opinion as possible.

            Using technology to help myself become a more self regulated student is something that I will definitely feel comfortable with and be able to easily adapt to.

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