The Divergent film is about a dystopian society separated into factions after a horrible war. The people in these factions are separated by their genetic modifications. In this world people chose the faction or group they live with based off of a simulation test that tells them where they fit more. People that belong to more than one group are considered Divergent and are also considered a threat and killed by the government because of these differences. The story follows a Divergent girl named Tris who finds out she is Divergent and works her way through it avoiding the authorities until they plan an attack on her home. The movie then follows her heroic battle to save her friends, family, and world as she knows it.

            This form of a dystopia was realistic but not very possible. The movie had a lot of new technological advances for instance there were mind altering simulations and serums that made people tell the truth. However, in later development of the sequels to the film they dystopian society is revealed to be the remainder of a genetic experiment. The genetic modification factor of the dystopia is one that is very realistic. The government altered the minds of people after the war to try to make them be more easily dividable and that is something that doesn’t sound too far-fetched. Also, in certain aspects our society is already divided into factions it’s just not by genetic modification it’s separation is by class, race and socioeconomic status.     

            What makes this movie dystopian is the way people are controlled and separated. The society in Divergent fits many of the characteristics we assigned to dystopias in class. The government is oppressive by killing those citizens that are divergent and by forcing people in different factions to only be with or socialize with people in their own factions. It is also dystopian by forcing those who can’t pass the test to join their chosen factions to be factionless which is the same as homelessness.

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