repression of human nature

I agree with Freud’s claim that all forms of government repress human nature. Humans have natural habits that do not align with the government and their expectations. The government and all of its forms are based on restricting.  Humans could not possibly be their true selves and act as they would act if no one was watching them. Humans’ “evil nature” is what is completely repressed by the government. I believe that this claim is true, including the idea that humans have an evil nature. It seems as if humans are naturally selfish and emotional and the government is set up to make sure that humans have regard for other people. This expectation is what is repressing human nature. In terms of emotion, humans would be more likely to let extreme sadness or anger get the best of them. If all forms of government were taken away, the world would definitely be a war zone and in shambles. However, humans would be able to be one hundred percent themselves and handle any situation as they would without restrictions, completely out of human nature.

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