Privacy VS Technology

In terms of technology, I don’t mind my privacy being at risk for easier communication in exchange. The rapid and efficient communication that technology gives us is worth the lack of privacy, in my opinion. I feel like that may just be because I don’t really take too many things seriously. I don’t have many secrets and there are only a few things that I really feel like I need to keep private. I would definitely draw that line at family business though. As long as other people’s business stays private, I don’t think I’ll be worried. Pretty much anything other that I am not too worried about. The greatest rewards to me in return for technology would have to be being able to look anything up online on the spot, and communicate with people from across the world. These two rewards are very important parts of my everyday life, and I definitely take them for granted. I honestly didn’t even realize how big of a deal they are until now. 

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