Forms of government

Out of an aristocracy, timocracy, oligarchy, democracy, and tyranny, democracy seems as if it would be the least dystopian. Tyranny is automatically the most dystopian, because corruption is inevitable with a lack of restraint. I’d envision a tyranny as having an evil ruler that rules in his best interest and does not put the people first. There is no one to check his decisions, so if the ruler of the tyranny is not a naturally good person, they would definitely not be a good leader. People tend to be worse as leaders than they are in everyday life, because it is so easy for all of the power to go to their heads.

This same type of ruling seems to be probable for a timocracy, ruled by people who have power just because they own property. This form of government is obviously unfair and the rulers will be biased and rule based on only what they know and experience. An aristocratic and oligarchic government would similarly be unfair, being ruled by high class citizens that would likely do nothing for low and middle class citizens. Abuse as a result of these forms of government would come in many forms. The higher class, property owning citizens would be living comfortably while the lower class citizens would be struggling from neglect. 

As for a democracy, corruption and inequality are less probable. Living in a democracy, it is clear that these events could take place, but they aren’t as likely. All people, no matter their social class, have a voice in this form of government. There are also people present to check those who are higher up to prevent corruption. A democracy would be the best form of government to cover the needs of all citizens, because no matter who is in charge, the citizens still get to vote on the decisions that are made.

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