Dystopia, in my own words

A dystopia is a world in which positivity and morality do not exist.

In a dystopian society, happiness is unheard of. In my mind, people are just dragging through life, with a complete absence of emotion. There is either an evil dictator or no leader at all. The people live either under strict authority or in total chaos. There could be one person or a small group of people leading the society, controlling them and not letting them use their own minds. It is likely that the people living there have been brainwashed and conditioned to be comfortable with their living conditions. The treatment is inhumane and unfair. The people running the society are the only ones that might have a touch of reality available to them. However, those under them are completely out of touch with the normal way of living and are basically living as zombies in their dystopian society. A visual of this society would be an entire population of people with the same daily routine, just going through the motions. This description can be compared to the book, “Brave New World”, where the people are unaware of real emotion and the world outside of them. On the other hand, the people could be living with no guidance whatsoever. This way, there is a lot of crime, destruction, and death. There are no rules, regulations, or morals, so a lot of selfish activities take place here. A visual of a society like this would literally be the world on fire, with people running around in chaos and distress. Everybody would just be living as if they are in charge, individually. They would be constantly clashing with each other, leading to violence because there is nothing preventing that. The absence of regulation would lead to a lot of people being less fortunate than others. The more assertive people will take over and, and the others would be left to fight them for what they took. 

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