Climate change, the oppressor

I would say that climate change is a form of oppression. This is because it is only an issue because of the negative ways in which humans have interacted with the Earth over time. Climate change could be prevented or as least slowed down, but it is still a growing issue because of humans. Climate change and the ways that it is contributing to the end of the world is a man made problem that has innocent people suffering. Climate change is oppression to those who are fighting to work against it. Those who are changing their lives to combat climate change are very small in number, and have become oppressed. This is because they are then being forced to live in a world that they do not want to be a part of. It is also oppression towards animals and other species that could possibly die as a result of climate change. This is because climate change is not their fault and there is nothing they can do about it. They are in certain areas because of the climate there, and climate change causes discomfort in certain species and the need for them to migrate. Although the change is not rapid and takes a while to see results, the contributions to climate change are done consciously. Climate change is talked about enough for all members of society to know how to prevent the phenomenon. However, it is not taken seriously and people along with animals are suffering from drastic changes in climates that they are not used to. 

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