Brooke’s utopia

I would say that my perfect world, or utopia, would be quite simple. Being run by me, everyone would be taught that all people are created equal, so matter their race, physical, or mental state . This mindset is most important to a perfect society. This way, racism and prejudice behaviors will be nonexistent. These behaviors are two of the most problematic in today’s world, so without them I believe that the world would be close to perfect. Unlike most made up utopian societies, the people in mine will be exposed to all emotions. They will be taught that feeling negative emotions as well as positive are essential to living the best life possible. The absence of negative emotions only creates a society based on lies, which is not my idea of a utopia. Another thing I think is important to include when creating a utopian society is allowing all people to create the life they want for themselves. Everyone will get the job they want, so their everyday life is as bearable as possible. People getting through their daily routine can be tiring and dreadful, so if it could be catered to what everybody wants for themselves, I believe that a utopian society would be more tangible. 

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