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When I was in middle school I read a book about the Cultural Revolution in China. One of the details from the book that stood out to me was when it mentioned China’s one-child only policy which was introduced in 1979. It serves as a real-life example of population control. Although, there is some debate because Chinese citizens actually were allowed to have a second child (especially if families living in rural areas had a daughter first).

The Chinese government tried to enforce this policy by threatening fines for families who had more than one child. On the other hand, the Chinese government tried to reward families with one child by offering financial compensation.

While I do not think there is a clear solution to completely getting rid of the one-child policy (especially without understanding the growth rate in China among other factors). And considering the fact that the one-child policy is no longer in effect.

I think in relation to our discussion about dystopia, this event in China takes population planning to an extreme. The government used scare tactics to keep the citizens in line and control the population. The pressure from the government can make the citizens feel controlled and worried about whether or not they will have a boy or girl which could increase the infanticide rate.

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