Will Religion Save Us All?

I don’t think that it is logical to say that religion in itself is the primary component for fighting against oppression. I think the major element is believing it is possible to conquer whatever it is that is oppressive and working with other likeminded people to do so. Religion in itself cannot give someone that confidence, especially given that intent is a major driving force when incorporating religion. If your intentions are not 100% pure, and your religion is of purity, then it will more than likely do nothing for you.

Nonetheless, I think religion is an immense complement as it can definitely shape or encourage the type of confidence necessary when attempting to overthrow an authority. When people have faith in something other than themselves, it gives them a greater sense of confirmation. They believe that because someone else is providing them with the power, that whatever they are trying to conquer is even more possible. So, religion may be useful but it really depends on the individual(s).

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