UR-FASCISM IN THE US: Fact or Fiction?

Ur-Fascism is a political movement can be described as a coagulate of several different components which contradict each other. A few of the components of this movement which I found most interesting are traditionalism (rejecting modernism), irrationalism, lack of social identity, and the general idea that everyone who follows the fascist way is educated to become a hero. One of the ways I think this exists in today’s society is within a sector of the Republican Party or even to be more general, the overly patriotic American. This can easily be illustrated using this weeks discussion of the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Over 2,000 people traveled to Washington, DC to charge the Capitol in support of former president Donald Trump.

These people were very irrational in their thought process because it only landed them in jail or worse, dead. They clearly had no other identity but to identify with being true American republican supporters, so much so that they would risk their freedom to commit a major crime. The fact that they thought this was okay also ties into their “heroic” demeanor. Those people more than likely thought their actions were going to make such an impact that they risked their freedom to display their nationalism. The whole thing was quite insane, but to them it really meant something.

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