Twelve Hours..

The film entitled The Purge can easily be declared a dystopian film. The main idea of the movie is that crime is legalized for a total of twelve hours, one day, each year. This event takes place in an effort to minimize the amount of crime that takes place regularly. It supposedly cleanses the society and makes their nation a better place. People commit petty crimes like stealing and more heinous crimes like murdering those they despise or simply murdering those who are less fortunate, just because they can. The opening scene of the film shows a radio caller explaining that he was going to kill his boss because he was tired of him.

The idea that committing crimes supposedly cleanses the people of the nation relates to the idea of ur-fascism. This dystopian ideology focuses on traditionalism, irrationalism, like-minded thinking amongst society, lack of social identity, elitism and much more. It is considered a tradition as it occurs once every year for twelve hours. The people of the nation are intended to follow this irrational way thought-process and everyone must agree with it while they are living within the nation. The main people who purge identify with this event as simply contributing to the American way, acting in their patriotic right. The people who are in control ie. the government and those with money, are more protected during this event as opposed to those of lower incomes.

Those who are in power have a sense of importance as they fulfill their patriotic duty during purge night. They cleanse their souls for a brand new day once the twelfth hour strikes. It’s insane to think that their idea of cleaning their society is committing the most insane acts so that they can create a better society.

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