Snowden’s Thoughts: Facts or Fiction?

Edward Snowden claims that people in the United States ultimately have no privacy. Practically everyone in America has a cellular device and it is synonymous to a personal tracking device for anyone who is interested in tracking a person. Snowden explained that major companies such as Apple, Facebook and Google have access to all the things we do with our phones such as what we search or who we interact with. That information can be distributed however these companies decide to distribute them.

To illustrate, if these companies were to give this information to the government, they would access to all that we do, when we do it and maybe even why. This isn’t necessarily a major deal for those who aren’t committing legal activities, however it is still an invasion of privacy. It just shows that nothing you do is truly done with secrecy, especially as long as cellular devices are as prevalent as they are. Even with typing this blog post, someone could be viewing the thoughts that I have displayed prior to hitting “publish”.

I think that Snowden’s thoughts regarding the privacy of US citizens is completely accurate. Things like this have made me aware that this land is not necessarily the “land of the free” as it is advertised. We, as citizens of America, are thought of as having the most freedom in our democratic society, yet we are so chained in many more ways than one.

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