Group Work?

Before college, I used to dread working with groups mainly because I don’t consider myself to be the most social person and I truly prefer for my work to be my own. I like the way I do things and I don’t like to take shortcuts when turning in assignments unless it is 100% not going to affect the grade I will receive. Since college I have realized that group work is inevitable and that whether it be at work or at school, whether you want to or not. Realizing that, I have decided that its just something that I have to do to get where I want to be so I try to avoid associating it with negative thoughts. Last spring semester, I had a weekly group project that I had to complete for my asynchronous course, quite similar to this project, and it was kind of annoying because I was actually doing the readings and watching the assigned videos while my members weren’t. They began relying on me to relay notes and things to discuss in our hour long video, so I stopped doing the work. After that they realized they needed to actually start doing the work and then it wasn’t so bad. However, things like this are why I cringe at the thought of group work at times.

As for as communicating with larger audiences through technology, I use twitter and instagram daily. However, I don’t necessarily use it as a means of conveying some sort of message or delivering important information, I use it leisurely. I don’t necessarily do any of the cool aesthetic type posts, but I think I navigate both apps quite well for my purpose.

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