Dystopia University

I think the American higher education system is a dystopia. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, dystopias are simply organized chaos and what better example is there than college. Students are faced with debt, substandard living conditions, all while having to face their own personal problems and still maintain good grades.

The average college student is literally placed in more debt at the age of 18 that they more than likely don’t understand. I was fortunate enough to have one of my parents pay for me to go to college, however most students’ experiences are not parallel to mine. These students literally have to find out how they’re going to pay their debts and sometimes, if they’re not able to pay in time they run the risk of getting kicked out of school.

If you’re living on campus, then nine times of out ten you’re going to be placed in subpar living conditions. Students have had to live with mold, rats, and so much else leading to illness and yet another stressor added on top of the strenuous schoolwork. Being subjected to these conditions is horrific, but it’s just another thing that most college students have to deal with.

Students also have to maintain their own personal lives and stay on top of school work. Sometimes, life often gets in the way of being a stellar student. From deaths in the family to dealing with mental health, sometimes school work can be placed on the back burner. However, professors still expect you to get your work done on time regardless of whatever external issues you face.

Students are exposed to all these issues all for the sake of an education. We are required to fulfill course requirements, yet college can’t even meet certain standards which would be thought of as necessary. College is a scam in a nutshell, but I will still be getting my degree come 2023-ish. It is unfortunate that students have to face all these issues for something that they pay for and it’s all completely legal.

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