Best Utopian Goverment

Governments in dystopian societies are always the absolute worst. They exercise complete control over the citizens with no remorse. These citizens are often kept within an inch of their lives whether it be physically, mentally emotionally or the next, in order for their government to keep them in their grips. Continue reading

Ur Fascism

I agree that Ur Fascism exists today. Ill use the fifth feature to explain. The fifth feature states that diversity is a form disagreement, which also means that where diversity is absent so are disagreements. This is true and its a reason why, in recent years, companies have had to Continue reading

Favorite Podcasts

My favorite types podcasts are comedy and true crime. I enjoy group podcasts, especially when the speakers are interesting as individuals. Im always ready to hear each persons take on current events, especially when I know certain topics would interest them. My favorite comedy podcasts are 85 South Show and Continue reading