Dystopia in pandemic??

Living in the midst of this Coronavirus pandemic has allowed me to realize some dystopian characteristics. I have noticed a sense of unreality and an increase of government oppression.I believe there is an increase of government oppression because the United States unemployment claimed to soar near 4.4 million people and Continue reading


When I reexamine the three criterias that I have previously categorized for myself, I believe that they remain the same. The ability to exercise sound reasoning in order to analyze issues/make decisions, and overcome problems remains one of my strengths. Being able to proficiently analyze issues/make decisions allows me to Continue reading

I, Robot

I, Robot starring Will Smith is a science fiction action film. This movie is based in the year 2035  in Chicago, where robots serve humans. Del Spooner is a homicide detective that distrusts and hates all robots. It is important to note that his deeply rooted hatred toward robots is Continue reading

Check-in !

XCOR Dystopias, Real and Imagined is an extremely interesting class. This class allows me to consider different characteristics and aspects in ways that were expected.  Based on my experience in this course I believe that class discussions are extremely beneficial. Class discussions have positively enhanced my learning on several topics Continue reading

Learning Goals: Competence

Three criteria’s that I believe I fall into when describing my own sense of competences would be my ability to develop greater proficiency as a self-regulated learner, leverage existing digital technologies ethically and efficiently to solve problems/complete tacks/accomplish goals, and the ability to exercise sound reasoning in order to analyze Continue reading