Piercingly Dystopian

Snowpiercer explores the world when whatever little of humanity is left, after a scientific experiment goes wrong and all life becomes extinct, gets stuck within a train called the “Rattling Ark”. This is not only a story set in a post-apocalyptic future, but the various characteristics of this world depicted Continue reading

Dystopian elements in Higher Education

Education is not only a means to enlighten us especially with the different education systems present in different places throughout the world but also a means to provide oncoming generations with a better and brighter future through making them well equipped and skilled for various professions and life in general. Continue reading

The Purge: A Realistic yet Improbable World

The movie “The Purge” is set within a single night in America during the year of 2022 where out of all the year one night is designated to uninhibited violence that includes all crimes even murder that anyone can perpetuate without any consequences. This violence lasts a total of 24 Continue reading

Is Fascism a dystopian concept?

In the article “Ur Fascism”, Umberto Eco highlights the various aspects pertaining to fascism going into specific detail about how it came into existence and eventually evolved into a more general term over time. Eco argues that unlike other totalitarian governments whether it be Nazism or Stalinism, Fascism particularly that Continue reading

Work in progress: A Self Reflection.

Throughout life one acquires multiple skills whether it be at a young age from one’s upbringing through what your family teaches you, your environment or as one grows up through one’s education within the school systems or generally through life and at times schooling is a means to hone or Continue reading

Civilization: A boon or curse?

Within the piece Civilization and its Discontents, Freud tries to highlight the different aspects within civilization itself that lead to humans being unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives. Freud points towards the fact of how civilization is built to tame the natural state of human, which he contends is driven Continue reading