Final Blog!!!!!

To me, the definition of a dystopia is when you, yourself, or others are in an imaginary society that you have no control over what is said or done and you living conditions are poor and you have very little money, say so, or choice. To support this definition I Continue reading

You Watching Me?

Panopticism is the belief of being watched is making someone act properly. Panopticism has been embedded in our society through many things. First I want to talk about black people at work or in school. We as black people always feel as if we are being watched to see if Continue reading

Climate Change

To me human caused oppression does affect the climate change in our society. Greenhouse gases are what makes the pollution in the world and contributes to climate change. For the most part this comes from the burning of fuels for energy, manufacturing, and transportation. For the most part, all of Continue reading


Out of the Five Faces of Oppression, the face of oppression I chose from Young is powerlessness. Young speaks about powerlessness in three ways. The first way young spoke about powerlessness was acquiring and practicing a profession with an expensive progressive character. Secondly, Young stated while many professionals have supervisors Continue reading


What is Dystopia? Dystopia is a made up (Fictional) society that shows a future with terrible living conditions due to a governmental system controlled by higher class people. The upper-class people and government control the community and the people who live in it and take away their freedom and control Continue reading