Deeper Look into The Grey Areas

18 April 2020:             In a previous post titled “The Grey Areas”, I explored the idea of our contemporary moment being classified as a dystopia. This post will be often referenced while discussing the correlation between the film Equilibrium and the way life is as we know it. According to “The Continue reading

Double Take

Dystopia’s Blog Post:             I would not necessarily call our university a dystopia We essentially chose to come here We are supposedto have a voice here on campus  One can leave whenever they please, it is technically its’ own world After further review of other replies, I forgot to include the fact Continue reading

Need Improvements?

Start: Watching dystopian movies in class  Discussing how our current reality mimics traits of a dystopian society Stop: Group assignments  Weekly blog posts Continue: Podcast assignment  Defining Dystopia As the semester slowly comes to an end there is always room for improvement. There is also room for appreciation. This class Continue reading

Purge and Dystopian Perspective

The Purge was directed by James DeMonaco and released May 31, 2013 (USA). This film takes place in the United States. It is classified as a dystopia, here morality has no existence. The government sanctions an annual twelve-hour sanction where crime is legal. This includes murder. Well off, protagonist James Continue reading

The Grey Areas

            From my understanding of dystopias, real, and imagined, fictional texts and films typically portray their contemporary moment artistically. In 2018 The First Purge was released. This is the most current Purge movie and ironically is relevant to our present political moment. Although it is dramatized there are correlations between the Continue reading

Defining Dystopia in Our Contemporary Moment

            The Oxford definition defines the word dystopia as “an imaginary place which is depressingly wretched and whose people lead a fearful existence”. This definition is quite bland and could be expanded. I would define dystopia as a real or an imagined place where an inferior group is being oppressed by Continue reading

Contemporary Oppression

Iris Young’s “Five Faces of Oppression” was published first in Justice and Politics of Difference (1990). Young was born January 2, 1949 in New York. She is known as an American political theorist and social feminist. Her work, “Five Faces of Oppression” essentially argues that all forms of oppression consists Continue reading