The Cost of Control

A dystopia, in my view, is an imaginary world in which individuals are subjected to dehumanizing conditions as a result of oppressive control. However, I also believe that the definition of dystopia can be subjective and can differ based on one’s experiences and perspectives. Two works of fiction that have Continue reading

In Praise of Democracy

When I think of a dystopian government, I think of a government that takes the basic rights and freedoms of its citizens. Having reviewed the list of different forms of government, I came to the conclusion that democracy is the least dystopian. A democracy is all about the people. Out Continue reading

My Utopian Dream

A perfect utopia, for me, is one that ensures the happiness and well-being of all citizens, and that everyone is treated fairly, no matter what their background is. This would mean that everyone would have the same opportunities to succeed, and no one would be left behind or discriminated against. Continue reading

The Cost of Civilization

One of the main points of Sigmund Freud’s “Civilization and Its Discontents” is that all forms of government are repressive of human nature. While this may seem controversial, I believe he makes a compelling argument about the nature of power in society and the roles individuals hold within it. One Continue reading

The Erosion of Humanization

When I look at the definition of dystopia according to, I notice some very vague points that could be interpreted in different ways by different people. The definition states that people live wretched and fearful lives in dystopias; however, doesn’t that already describe some of the humans we see Continue reading