Cameras In America

The placement of cameras on streetlights and every building in the United States is one way in which panopticism has been embedded in our society. For instance, New Orleans has speed and regular cameras at almost every street intersection. This invokes people to follow the speed limit and not break Continue reading

People vs Climate Change

The human population has abused Climate change since the beginning of time. By definition of oppression, it is prolonged, cruel, or unjust treatment. Climate Change is a controversial topic because some people honestly could care less. Every civilization has used its “natural resources” to the point of no return. These Continue reading


Honestly, we shouldn’t have to give up anything to have privacy, to begin with. However, in this century, we bargain everything through technology. I would not say I am necessarily willing, but I would give up some of my privacy to have entertainment on my phone. Although it may be simple-minded, Continue reading