Utopian Thinking

The entire time we have been talking about Utopias in this class I’ve been one of the people saying that it isn’t obtainable. I have now hit a stump because after learning more about Kim Stanley Robinson and the term Utopian thinking, I realized I think in this way. I’m Continue reading

The Five Faces of Oppression in 2022

Iris Young, author of “Five Faces of Oppression”, defined oppression through five different concepts: exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and violence. Each are intricate to the many definitions and meanings of oppression. In this blog post I will be focusing on how two of these faces, powerlessness and violence, to Continue reading

Is Dystopia an Imaginary place or Is It the Present?

Dystopia can be defined as an imagined placed where inhumane and unjustifiable practices occur. I haven’t read many dystopian books or watched many dystopian movies, but, for the ones I have read/seen they all seem to have a common trend. They all relate to today, the present time. When I Continue reading