Enjoys Star Trek, Marvel movies and historical fiction novels.

The Infection of American Health Care

I would like to bring attention to the dystopian qualities of the health care system in the United States of America. I believe that the American standard for healthcare was created to be systemically oppressive on poor people of color and translated these prejudiced principles into clinical care in obstetrics, Continue reading

Why Robocop Is Dystopian To Me

A police officer named Murphy lives in a futuristic version of Detroit with his family and is fighting crime on streets. The corporate mogul of a security technology agency called RoboCorp is responsible for Murphy being killed in front of his home. Murphy`s body dies, but his brain is salvaged Continue reading

This Ain`t Dystopian, This Is Irresponsible

I would like to speak from my point of view because the Coronavirus is a lot like Thanksgiving, it apparently means something different to everyone. I have no problem telling my audience in advance, to wash their hands. However, it seems that the citizens from the southern and northern-midwest regions Continue reading

Ur-A Little Hard To Understand

The article titled, “Ur-Facism” by Umberto Eco features a tidal wave of information about what Fascism is according to Westerners, what Fascism is according to Italians what it could look like in the future. Eco begins the article with some background about the Italian version of fascism and compares it Continue reading

Feelings About Learning

I sense that I am becoming more comfortable observing behaviors in literature and movies that relate to dystopian societies. I have a greater understanding of what emotions a person may be going through when faced with a society that does not encourage individuality, independence or equality among its citizens. Reading Continue reading

What Dystopia Means To Me

This post is going to be about the definition of dystopia that we created in class, “An imaginary or real place whose people may lead a restrictive and oppressive existence under some form of authority”. I feel that this is a well-constructed definition, however, it does not fully encompass all Continue reading

Oppression: The Shapeshifting Monster

Iris Young`s ‘Five Faces of Oppression’ describes what oppression can look like from the perspectives of oppressed groups. The faces of oppression according to Young are exploitation, marginalization, cultural imperialism, powerlessness, and violence. Exploitation and cultural imperialism are very similar, but with different goals. In order for one group to Continue reading