My definition of a dystopia is a society in which the majority of the population is suffering due to environmental or social issues. My favorite dystopian example is in the republic of Gilead in the Handmaids Tale. All elements of a dystopia are present in this show from environmental disaster Continue reading


I agree with the authors quote “it’s crucial to keep imagining that things could get better, and furthermore to imagine how they might get better” because you cannot continue to think negatively and cynically if you want to improve a situation. Approaching a problem with a “what the use” attitude Continue reading

Best government

I believe the best government possible is an absolute monarchy. This eliminates all possible political opposition. Also everything can be done without a long bureaucratic process and checks and balances. The negative side of having an absolute monarchy is too much power given to a single person does not end Continue reading


I feel very comfortable working in a group. I feel group assignments are pretty easy and always result in a good grade. I think that in a college course students are much more motivated to help their counterparts. I think group projects help students meet new friends especially for those Continue reading

Dystopias defined

My definition of a dystopia is a dysfunctional society that appears to be perfect on the surface, but in reality there is a lot of pain and suffering. For example, in the novel the Giver by Lois Lowry the majority of the population is protected from knowing about bad things Continue reading