The Do’s and Don’ts of Dystopias, Real and Imagined

So far in this course, we have covered a number of different texts, films, and other creative works that have began to help us formulate the definition of a dystopia. One specific way that we have attempted to formulate a definition is through the annotated reading assignments that accelerate our Continue reading

Erasure of Afro-Argentinians

It is now common knowledge that anti-blackness is a prevalent, world-wide phenomenon. The anti-blackness that I am personally most familiar with is in reference to what I have learned and experienced in America. I somehow stumbled upon a post about anti-blackness in Argentina, which I found interesting because it is Continue reading

An Attempt to Fathom Fascism

“Ur-Fascism” written by Umberto Eco offers a personal perspective of what fascism truly is in its core. As part of his interpretation of fascism, he offers the idea that its meaning is often blurred or misleading depending on ones background. He continues to make many distinctions between Italian fascism as Continue reading