What is a Dystopia?

A dystopian society is a well- established society in which there is suffering and can be described using at least one of Young’s Five Faces of Oppression. Young’s Five Faces of Oppression are exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and violence. According to Robinson, “dystopias are the flip side of utopias.” Continue reading


    I enjoy group work for the most part. It is fun to be able to collaborate with other people and incorporate each other’s ideas. Group work is important because most jobs require you to be able to communicate and work effectively with others. It requires trust and good communication skills. Continue reading

Utopian Thinking?

 I do believe utopian thinking is part of the key to overcoming a dystopia. A utopian society is one in which there is no suffering, and the world is at peace and A dystopian society is one in which there is pain and suffering. Robinson says, “It’s crucial to keep Continue reading

Religion and Oppression

   I do believe religion is a necessary component to fighting against oppression. Religion sets guidelines for people to follow. With religion, guidance followed comes with reward of Paradise or enlightenment. Religion gives people strength to fight for what they believe in. For example, in Brown Girl in a Ring by Nalo Hopkinson, it is Continue reading

Does Privacy Really Exist?

   Edward Snowden claimed that there is no state of privacy in the United States. He explained that people’s phones can be tracked by cell phone towers, the wireless network the phone is connected to, and other wireless networks that the phone is not connected to. Snowden said, “wireless network identifiers Continue reading

The Purge

        The Purge (2013 film) was written by James DeMonaco. The movie is about what events occur on the day of “the annual purge”. After an economic collapse, the “New Founding Fathers of America” are voted into office. The “Purge” which is an annual event where everything is legal (including crime) and emergency Continue reading

What is a Dystopia?

    When I hear the word “dystopia”, I think of a world in which there is suffering due to loss of shelter, food shortages, weakened immune systems, major loss of money and environmental ruin such as climate change. The translation of dystopia in Greek means “bad place”.  Some would argue that the Continue reading