Awesome Podcast Post-Review

Working within a group has always been simple for me. I believe, I did excellent engaging with my colleagues and introducing interesting takes for the podcast. Coordinating meeting dates was mainly my task, and I accomplished it well. I enjoyed working with my group mates; I hope they enjoyed working Continue reading

Universal Respect and Freedom

Internally all people, from my understanding, want peace, prosperity, love, safety, liberty, and freedom for themselves. Humans are selfish creatures, until we communicate, then we develop and understand that another sentient being requires those same characteristics we harbor within ourselves. Because it’s within us to respect ourselves and others like Continue reading

Is religion the answer to dystopias???

Religion can definitely be used to bring about the ideas of liberation, personal freedoms, wholesomeness, and actions that resonate perpetual respect to quash dystopias. The other aspects of religion such as conformity, suppression of identity, repression of innate desires, and actions that reverberate constant judgment can validate dystopias.  Religion is Continue reading

Was Snowden Right? (Yes or Yesn’t)

Snowden’s overarching claim throughout the interview was, after governments introduce tactics that limit citizens’ freedoms, because of tragedies, they are never lost.  The Patriot Act, enacted and enforced after 9/11, gave The United States government the ability to wiretap the American public without their knowledge, in the hopes of countering Continue reading

Democracy, Always!!!

After reading Hobbes’ work I can further solidify my belief that a democracy, no matter its flaws, is better than a feudal system of affairs. It was interesting how in his work Hobbes understood the concept that all men are created equal, yet he supported the idea that one man Continue reading