Hip-hop and Robots

Mark Dery’s “Black to the future” interviewed authors to explore why there is a lack of Black authors in the science fiction genre. Dery explores the cultural, historical and socioeconomic aspects of Black life to explain the disconnect between the lack of authors compared to the growing number of Black Continue reading

Can You Spot Your Flaws?

I think I am well-developed self-regulated learner. Being self-regulated requires one to be self-motivated and self-aware. I am very motivated to always learn more than just the surface of topics, instead I enjoy looking at things from a symbolic stand point that can be applied to a variety of things. Continue reading

The Key Five

Iris Young was an American theorist and feminist. Young’s focus was on justice and social differences.She specifically focused on the multiple meanings that are associated with the word oppression. Young explains how their is no singular clear definition of oppression. Instead she argues that all oppression is composed of five Continue reading