Dystopia reimagined.

A Dystopia is an undesirable society faced with oppression. A common theme I have noticed throughout the dystopian films, books, and articles we have studied has been oppression. After reading Young’s five faces of oppression, the specific elements of oppression became more evident. I believe it is actually a key Continue reading

Was Freud right?

Sigmund Freud explains that civilization has led to the diminishing of freedom and liberty. Also, the government is essentially repressive to human nature. I believe that Freud is right in his belief because governments were created to control our lives. Politics has to do with a large majority of how Continue reading

Five faces of Oppression in society today.

Many forms of oppression still exist in America today. Iris Young explains that 5 main forms of oppression are exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and violence. Although I feel like each of these is present in America today, I will discuss examples of exploitation and cultural imperialism. Exploitation has been Continue reading

What is a dystopia?

A dystopia is a fictional situation where people are facing inhumane life circumstances. A dystopia can sometimes be post-apocalyptic but, the two words are not used interchangeably. Something that comes to mind when I think of dystopia is the movie ‘in time’. In this movie, time is currency. The amount Continue reading