College: One BIG Dystopia (XULA Edition)

Based on our evolving definition, I definitely would describe ANY university as a dystopian society, especially our very own. I say this because our definition states a dystopia is “an imagined or real place whose people may lead a restricted and oppressive existence under some form of authority” and that Continue reading

Survive the Night

The Purge movie (2013) was about a United States that was seen to be overpopulated and an annual purge was implemented to keep crime rates low and drop the unemployment percentage. During the purge, all citizens are allotted 12 hours each year to commit any crime and not be subject Continue reading

Pre-Production Note

Since starting this course, I have definitely become competent in many more areas than I knew possible. One of the main areas being becoming able to articulate my position or viewpoint using oral and written skills communication among multiple competing perspectives about “big ideas” in the classroom. I am a Continue reading

The Mind Behind “Five Faces of Oppression”

Iris Young’s Five Faces of Oppression is an article that thoroughly explains how the systematic oppression is alive due to the existence of societal groups that have unintentionally been set into place. She explained that groups are only identified when there exists a differing group. The groups are not exactly Continue reading