My definition of a dystopia is a world aiming to be a utopia and while trying to accomplish this an environment that is the complete opposite is created. Dystopian features in the world happen very often. For example, gentrification is a process that attempts to improve the quality of neighborhoods Continue reading

Getting Closer to a Utopia

I think being optimistic is always a good way to try to turn a situation around. Being pessimistic about the situation will keep you stuck because you’re constantly having a negative point of view which slows you down about creating solutions. For the question is utopian thinking key to overcoming Continue reading


I do not believe religion is the answer to defeating dystopia. However, I do believe religion is a necessary component of fighting against oppression. I disagree with religion not being the answer because in a dystopian world I feel like it could be used to control people with the intention Continue reading

Higher education

I believe higher education in America displays a dystopian in many ways. For instance, the amount of money everyday citizens pour into colleges is one of the major problems. The purpose of higher education is to contribute to the economy, grow our intellect, and prepare for the world. Knowing those Continue reading

Direct Democracy

When thinking about a government that would be the least dystopian I instantly think of a government that would be used in a utopian world. A democratic government would be the best option because a world where every opinion matters is as close as perfect could get. However, when I Continue reading

Was Freud Right?

When a government is repressive to human nature, they use force to control citizenship for political reasons, ultimately removing them from that side of society. Well, in this world there are many different government forms from democracy to communism, some are better than others, many work, and many fail. However, Continue reading

What is a dystopia?

I believe dystopia is the complete opposite with similar characteristics to utopia. I know, that sounds a tad bit strange, but let me explain. While listening to the lecture on the history of the two words, I was reminded of movies I’ve seen. Immediately, I think of the hunger games, this Continue reading