Is Freud Right?

Freud believes that any form of government does human nature a disservice. I think that he was correct, and I can agree with some of the points that he made. Freud believes that humans are supposed to be free in every single way, and certain forms of government can impede Continue reading

The Five Faces of Oppression

A specific example of marginalization in the United States is the education system. People that come from poorer neighborhoods are not given a chance to succeed in the professional world because of the education system. Poorer communities usually have schools that are overfilled and underfunded, and this causes them to Continue reading

What is a Dystopia?

Dystopia is a violent and inhumane society that leaders in power heavily control. All the books I have read, and movies I have seen of dystopian societies fit that definition. The citizens are also forced to believe that what they are doing and the way that they are living is Continue reading