Was Freud right?

Sigmund Freud explains that civilization has led to the diminishing of freedom and liberty. Also, the government is essentially repressive to human nature. I believe that Freud is right in his belief because governments were created to control our lives. Politics has to do with a large majority of how we can live our lives. How we can live, how we can obtain an education, and much more. Therefore, citizens of society must adhere to the rules of the government to avoid things like fines, jail time, or community service. Being in jail literally strips humans of society and all it entails. People can spend the majority of their lives in jail due to the decisions of the court. Something that is in the law isn’t necessarily what is morally right. Many black men have been criminalized and stripped of their freedom for crimes related to marijuana. Meanwhile many since have turned the substance into a profitable business.

The government gives the illusion that we have a certain degree of freedom and liberation. As we have learned from previous readings we have to deal with oppression every day. Although we have been allowed forms of freedom such as freedom of speech, this also comes with consequences. Freedom of speech can lead to marginilization and causes some to relinquish this right. In some countries, people are faced with much harsher conditions. for example, freedom of speech is punishable by law. People are facing jail time and even death for going against what the government may have to say. In South Korea, things such as certain hairstyles are even restricted.

Freud was certainly justified in his points. Although the government is meant to keep order and allow for a smooth-running society, in some aspects it holds us back.

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