The most “utopian” government.

I feel like it may seem that the least dystopian government would most likely be utilitarianism. This kind of government aims for the greater good of the majority of society. Although the may not satisfy everyone, it meets the needs of most. Which seems to be the best idea, or is it? The problem that can arise with utilitarian government is that some are still left unhappy. Most people are pleased but, why can’t everyone be pleased in some form. An ideal government would be one that can cater to the needs of everyone, making everyone happy in their own way. The least dystopian government has the most equality.

In 2020, Switzerland was the most gender-equal country in the world. This type of equality is just one of the many we strive to achieve as a society. Therefore, I believe that we can take note from Switzerland. The government that they are under is a semi-direct democratic federal republic. Seeing that they were able to gain the title of the most gender-equal country, we may be able to achieve all other equalities under their system of government.

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